Past Captains – GB&I

There have been 14 English, 9 Scottish, 4 Welsh and 2 Irish Great Britain and Ireland (GB&I) Walker Cup captains.

Andy Ingram in 2017 became just the fifth out of the 29 not to have been a previous competitor in the event.

Stuart Watson, the 29th, was appointed GB&I men’s captain on 19th December 2019. He debuted at Seminole in May 2021 and is expected to continue in the role through St. Andrews 2023.

I have written profiles on those captains who are underlined. Click on their names to be taken to these.

The following list shows all of the GB&I Walker Cup captains, the year’s they held office and their records: –

Stuart WILSON (SCO) – Forfar GC
P1 W0 L1 H0

Craig WATSON (SCO) – East Renfrewshire GC
P1 W0 L1 HO

Andy INGRAM* (WAL) – Royal Porthcawl GC
P1 W0 L1 H0

– Craig WATSON (SCO) stood down on 30th August 2017 due to a family bereavement. 

Nigel EDWARDS (WAL) – Whitchurch GC
2011, 2013, 2015
P3 W2 L1 H0

Colin DALGLEISH (SCO) – Helensburgh GC
2007, 2009
P2 W0 L2 H0

Garth MCGIMPSEY (IRE) – Bangor GC
2003, 2005
P2 W1 L1 H0

Peter MCEVOY (ENG) – Copt Heath GC
1999, 2001
P2 W2 L0 H0

Clive BROWN* (WAL) – Llandudno (Maesdu) GC & Porthmadog GC
1995, 1997
P2 W1 L1 H0

George MACGREGOR (SCO) – Glencorse GC
1991, 1993
P2 W0 L2 H0

Geoffrey MARKS (ENG) – Trentham GC
1987, 1989
P2 W1 L1 H0

Charles GREEN (SCO) – Dunbarton GC
1983, 1985
P2 W0 L2 H0

Rodney FOSTER (ENG) – Bradford GC
1979, 1981
P2 W0 L2 H0

Sandy SADDLER (SCO) – Forfar GC
P1 W0 L1 H0

David MARSH (ENG) – Southport & Ainsdale GC
1973, 1975
P2 W0 L2 H0

Sir Michael BONALLACK (ENG) – Thorpe Hall GC
1969 (P), 1971 (P)
P2 W1 L1 H0

Joe CARR (IRE) – Sutton GC
1965, 1967
P2 W0 L1 H1

Charles LAWRIE* (SCO) – The R&A, HCEG & North Berwick GC
1961, 1963
P2 W0 L2 H0

Gerald MICKLEM (ENG) – Wildernesse GC
1957, 1959
P2 W0 L2 H0

G. Alec HILL (ENG) – Sandy Lodge GC
P1 W0 L1 H0

Tony DUNCAN* (WAL)  – Southerndown GC
P1 W0 L1 H0

Raymond OPPENHEIMER* (ENG) – The R&A, Royal Liverpool GC & Royal St. George’s GC
P1 W0 L1 H0

Percy (“Laddie”) LUCAS (ENG) – Sandy Lodge GC
P1 W0 L1 H0

John BECK (ENG) – The Berkshire GC
P1 W0 L1 H0

Hon. Michael SCOTT (ENG) – Royal St George’s GC
1934 (P)
P1 W0 L1 H0

Tony TORRANCE (SCO) – Sandy Lodge GC
1932 (P)
P1 W0 L1 H0

Roger WETHERED (ENG) – Worplesdon GC
1930 (P)
P1 W0 L1 H0

Dr. William TWEDDELL (ENG) – Stourbridge GC
1928 (P), 1936
P2 W0 L2 H0

Cyril TOLLEY (ENG) – Rye GC
1924 (P)
P1 W0 L1 H0

Robert HARRIS (SCO) – The R&A, Royal St. George’s GC & Woking GC
1922 (P), 1923 (P), 1926 (P)
P3 W0 L3 H0

*Captains who did not play in The Walker Cup.
(P) Playing Captain’s.


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