2013 – National Golf Links

USA 17 – 9 GB&I

September 7-8, 2013
National Golf Links of America , Southampton, New York
6,995 yards, Par 72

Captains: Jim Holtgrieve (USA) and Nigel Edwards (GB&I)

Day 1 Foursomes (USA players first)
Cory Whitsett / Bobby Wyatt halved with Nathan Kimsey / Max Orrin
Jordan Niebrugge / Nathan Smith lost to Matt Fitzpatrick / Neil Raymond 1Up
Michael Weaver / Todd White lost to Garrick Porteous / Rhys Pugh 3&1
Patrick Rodgers / Justin Thomas beat Gavin Moynihan / Kevin Phelan 2&1
USA 1.5 – GB&I 2.5

Day 1 Singles
Bobby Wyatt beat Neil Raymond 2Up
Max Homa beat Max Orrin 5&3
Michael Kim beat Callum Shinkwin 2&1
Cory Whitsett beat Jordan Smith 1Up
Michael Weaver beat Matt Fitzpatrick 3&1
Jordan Niebrugge beat Garrick Porteous 1Up
Justin Thomas halved with Nathan Kimsey
Patrick Rodgers lost to Gavin Moynihan 2&1
USA 6.5 – GB&I 1.5

Day 1: USA 8 – GB&I 4

Day 2 Foursomes
Bobby Wyatt / Cory Whitsett beat Nathan Kimsey / Max Orrin 2&1
Michael Weaver / Todd White lost to Matt Fitzpatrick / Neil Raymond 3&2
Max Homa / Michael Kim beat Garrick Porteous / Rhys Pugh 1Up
Patrick Rodgers / Jordan Niebrugge lost to Gavin Moynihan / Kevin Phelan 2Up
USA 2 – GB&I 2

Day 2 Singles
Bobby Wyatt beat Neil Raymond 4&3
Justin Thomas beat Max Orrin 6&4
Michael Weaver lost to Matt Fitzpatrick 3&2
Todd White beat Rhys Pugh 4&3
Nathan Smith beat Nathan Kimsey 4&3
Cory Whitsett lost to Callum Shinkwin 2Up
Michael Kim beat Garrick Porteous 4&2
Max Homa lost to Kevin Phelan 2&1
Jordan Niebrugge beat Jordan Smith 6&5
Patrick Rodgers beat Gavin Moynihan 1Up
USA 7 – GB&I 3

Match Result: USA 17 – 9 GB&I

Series Results: USA 35 – GB&I 8 – Halved 1 (after Match 44) 


USGA Video

Captain Holtgrieve and Captain Edwards Are Interviewed

Match Notes

A return to National Golf Links of America on Long Island which hosted the inaugural match in 1922 was welcomed by everyone.

Matthew Fitzpatrick arrived on Long Island as the newly crowned U.S. Amateur champion having overcome Australia’s Oliver Goss 4&3 in the Final at The Country Club, Brookline.

There were seven English players in the GB&I team with the two reserves, Greg Eason and Ryan Evans, also coming from England.

GB&I captain Nigel Edwards was forced to fly home at the start of the Walker Cup week when his father was taken ill. However, an improvement in his health enabled the Welshman to fly back to New York on the Thursday before the weekend match.

A 6 hour flight delay and a washout due to storms on the Tuesday had already hampered GB&I preparations on a strategic course where the USA’s numerous practice sessions in the months before the match certainly proved beneficial.

The USGA announced their team in two waves. On 17th July Max Homa, Michael Kim, Patrick Rodgers, Justin Thomas and Cory Whitsett. Following the U.S. Amateur Jordan Niebrugge, Nathan Smith, Michael Weaver, Todd White and Bobby Wyatt were added. Brady Hagy and Sean Dale were named first and second alternates.

Smith (35) and White (45) were the two mandatory mid-amateurs that the USGA, at the behest of captain Holtgrieve, had agreed to include in the USA team at the start of 2013.

The Universities of California and Alabama both provided three members of the USA team each. Homa, Kim and Weaver all played together at Cal whilst Thomas, Whitsett and Wyatt had good chemistry from their time at Alabama.

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