GB&I Team

December 2019

The R&A Men’s Selection Committee is responsible for choosing the Great Britain and Ireland (GB&I) Walker Cup Team.

The match at Seminole G.C. in early May 2021 will create challenges for the GB&I selectors as our main playing season will not really have commenced by then.

The current Selection Committee comprises Andy INGRAM (Chairman / Wales), Stuart WILSON (Captain / Scotland), Nigel EDWARDS (England) and Padraig HOGAN (Ireland).

GB&I Selection Notes

British golf before World War II was largely the preserve of the upper class and therefore GB&I’s early teams were frequently selected from Oxford and Cambridge Universities and the most prestigious golf clubs.

There were few amateur competitions to assist selectors in the early years too.

In this age of true amateurism funds were limited for both The R&A and many of the players. Indeed some players were forced to turn down selection invitations due to an inability to extract themselves from their day jobs.

So a combination of being known to a selector and an ability to self-fund the trip was a distinct advantage for a leading player.


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