1953 – The Kittansett Club

USA 9 – 3 GB&I 

September 4-5, 1953
The Kittansett Club, Marion, Massachusetts
6,545 yards / Par 70

Captains: Charles Yates (USA) and Tony Duncan (GB&I)

Day 1 Foursomes (USA players first) 
Sam Urzetta / Ken Venturi beat Joe Carr / Ronnie White 6&4
Harvie Ward Jr / Jack Westland beat John Langley / Arthur Perowne 9/8
James Jackson / Gene Littler beat James Wilson / Roy MacGregor 3&2
William Campbell / Charles Coe lost to Gerald Micklem / John Morgan 4&3
USA 3 – GB&I 1

Day 2 Singles
Harvie Ward Jr beat Joe Carr 4&3
Richard Chapman lost to Ronnie White 1 hole
Gene Littler beat Gerald Micklem 5&3
Jack Westland beat Roy MacGregor 7&5
Don Cherry beat Norman Drew 9&7
Ken Venturi beat James Wilson 9&8
Charles Coe lost to John Morgan 3&2
Sam Urzetta beat John Langley 3&2
USA 6 – GB&I 2

Match Result: USA 9 – GB&I 3

Series Results: USA 13 – GB&I 1 (after Match 14)


Match Notes

On Day 1 Jimmy Jackson, paired with Gene Littler in the Foursomes, noticed on the 3rd tee that he had 16 clubs in his bag. Under the Rules of Golf applying at that time the USA pair should have been disqualified. However, GB&I Captain Tony Duncan intervened and under the ‘exceptional individual cases’ caveat contained in the Rules the match continued with the American’s incurring a two hole penalty. Jackson and Littler, already 1 Down, therefore started the 3rd hole 3 Down. As can be seen above the American pair ran out 3&2 winners. The following day the local paper carried the headline ‘Britannia Rules The Waves’.

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