1963 – Turnberry

GB&I 8 – 12 USA

May 24-25, 1963
Turnberry Golf Club (Ailsa Course), Strathclyde, Scotland
7,025 yards / Par 71

Captains: Charles Lawrie (GB&I) and Richard Tufts (USA)

Day 1 Foursomes
Michael Bonallack / Stuart Murray beat Billy Joe Patton / Richard Sikes 4&3
Joe Carr / Charlie Green lost to Downing Gray Jr / Labron Harris Jr 2 holes
Michael Lunt / David Sheahan lost to Deane Beman / Charles Coe 5&3
David Madeley / Ronnie Shade halved with Robert Gardner / Edgar Updegraff
GB&I 1 – USA 2

Day 1 Singles
Stuart Murray beat Deane Beman 3&1
Martin Christmas lost to Billy Joe Patton 3&2
Joe Carr beat Richard Sikes 7&5
David Sheahan beat Labron Harris Jr 1 hole
Michael Bonallack beat Richard Davies 1 hole
Sandy Saddler halved with Charles Coe
Ronnie Shade beat Downing Gray Jr 4&3
Michael Lunt halved with Charles Smith
GB&I 5 – USA 1

Day 1: GB&I 6 – USA 3

Day 2 Foursomes 
Michael Bonallack / Stuart Murray lost to Bily Joe Patton / Richard Sikes 1 hole
Michael Lunt / David Sheahan lost to Downing Gray Jr / Labron Harris Jr 3&2
Charlie Green / Sandy Saddler lost to Robert Gardner / Edgar Updegraff 3&1
David Madeley / Ronnie Shade lost to Deane Beman / Charles Coe 3&2
GB&I 0 – USA 4

Day 2 Singles
Stuart Murray lost to Billy Joe Patton 3&2
David Sheahan beat Richard Davies 1 hole
Joe Carr lost to Edgar Updegraff 4&3
Michael Bonallack lost to Labron Harris Jr 3&2
Michael Lunt lost to Robert Gardner 3&2
Sandy Saddler halved with Deane Beman
Ronnie Shade beat Downing Gray Jr 2&1
Charles Green lost to Charles Coe 4&3
GB&I 2 – USA 5

Match Result: GB&I 8 – USA 12

Series Results: USA 18 – GB&I 1 (after Match 19)


Match Notes

On 6th December 1962 The R&A announced that there would be a major format change for the 1963 Walker Cup. The match would be extended to two series of 4 foursomes and 8 singles played over 18 holes across the two competition days. By increasing the number of games and reducing the number of holes from 36 the authorities hoped that the matches would start to be closer.

The USGA named their team on 26th January 1963. Past captain Charlie Coe made his sixth and final appearance for USA.

GB&I held pre-match trials at Turnberry, the host venue, over the Easter weekend to determine their final line up.

Heavy rain throughout Day 1 perhaps helped GB&I to a 6-3 lead helped in no small part by a previously unseen afternoon singles performance. Unfortunately the weather improved on the Saturday and with it the fortunes of the away side.

Michael Lunt won the Amateur Championship shortly afterwards in a field that included all of the USA Walker Cup team.

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