1987 – Sunningdale GC

GB&I 7.5 – USA 16.5

May 27-28, 1987
Sunnningdale Golf Club (Old Course), Berkshire, England
6,580 yards / Par 70

Captains: Geoffrey Marks (GB&I) and Fred Ridley (USA)

Day 1 Foursomes (GB&I Players first)
Colin Montgomerie / Graeme Shaw lost to “Buddy” Alexander / B. Mayfair 5&4
David Curry / Paul Mayo lost to Chris Kite / Len Mattice 2&1
George Macgregor / Jeremy Robinson lost to Bob Lewis Jr / Bill Loeffler 2&1
John McHenry / Paul Girvan lost to Jay Sigel / Billy Andrade 3&2
GB&I 0 – USA 4

Day 1 Singles
David Curry beat “Buddy” Alexander 2 holes
Jeremy Robinson lost to Billy Andrade 7&5
Colin Montgomerie beat James Sorenson 3&2
John McHenry lost to Brian Montgomery 1 hole
Robert Eggo lost to Jay Sigel 3&2
Paul Girvan lost to Bob Lewis Jr 3&2
David Carrick lost to Billy Mayfair 2 holes
Gary Shaw beat Chris Kite 1 hole
GB&I 3 – USA 5

Day 1: GB&I 3 – USA 9

Official 1987 Walker Cup Flag (Photo: Green Jacket Auctions)

Day 2 Foursomes
David Curry / David Carrick lost to Bob Lewis Jr / Bill Loeffler 4&3
Colin Mongomerie / Graeme Shaw lost to Chris Kite / Len Mattice 5&3
Paul Mayo / George Macgregor lost to J. Sorenson / B. Montgomery 4&3
James McHenry / Jeremy Robinson beat Jay Sigel / Billy Andrade 4&2
GB&I 1 – USA 3

Day 2 Singles
David Curry lost to “Buddy” Alexander 5&4
Colin Montgomerie beat Billy Andrade 4&2
James McHenry beat Bill Loeffler 3&2
Graeme Shaw halved with James Sorenson
Jeremy Robinson beat Len Mattice 1 hole
David Carrick lost to Bob Lewis Jr 3&2
Robert Eggo lost to Billy Mayfair 1 hole
Paul Girvan lost to Jay Sigel 6&5
GB&I 3.5 – USA 4.5

Match Result: GB&I 7.5 – USA 16.5

Series Results: USA 28 – GB&I 2 – Halved 1 (after Match 31)


Match Notes

This was the last Walker Cup match held in GB&I adjacent to the Amateur Championship. The 1987 Amateur was staged at Prestwick G.C. / Prestwick St. Nicholas G.C. between 1-6 June. All of the U.S.A. team travelled to Scotland to play in the Amateur as well as captain Fred Ridley and a number of past captains.

Sunningdale was the first inland course to host the Walker Cup in GB&I, The R&A previously preferring links venues as it does with The Open.

Fred Ridley, still only 34, led the USA team.

The 1987 match was the last in GB&I where spectators were allowed entry to the course free of charge.

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