1987 – Sunningdale GC

GB&I 7.5 – USA 16.5

May 27-28, 1987
Sunnningdale Golf Club (Old Course), Berkshire, England
6,580 yards / Par 70

Captains: Geoffrey Marks (GB&I) and Fred Ridley (USA)

Day 1 Foursomes (GB&I Players first)
Colin Montgomerie / Graeme Shaw lost to “Buddy” Alexander / B. Mayfair 5&4
David Curry / Paul Mayo lost to Chris Kite / Len Mattiace 2&1
George Macgregor / Jeremy Robinson lost to Bob Lewis Jr / Bill Loeffler 2&1
John McHenry / Paul Girvan lost to Jay Sigel / Billy Andrade 3&2
GB&I 0 – USA 4

Day 1 Singles
David Curry beat “Buddy” Alexander 2 holes
Jeremy Robinson lost to Billy Andrade 7&5
Colin Montgomerie beat James Sorenson 3&2
John McHenry lost to Brian Montgomery 1 hole
Robert Eggo lost to Jay Sigel 3&2
Paul Girvan lost to Bob Lewis Jr 3&2
David Carrick lost to Billy Mayfair 2 holes
Gary Shaw beat Chris Kite 1 hole
GB&I 3 – USA 5

Day 1: GB&I 3 – USA 9

Official 1987 Walker Cup Flag (Photo: Green Jacket Auctions)

Day 2 Foursomes
David Curry / David Carrick lost to Bob Lewis Jr / Bill Loeffler 4&3
Colin Mongomerie / Graeme Shaw lost to Chris Kite / Len Mattiace 5&3
Paul Mayo / George Macgregor lost to J. Sorenson / B. Montgomery 4&3
James McHenry / Jeremy Robinson beat Jay Sigel / Billy Andrade 4&2
GB&I 1 – USA 3

Day 2 Singles
David Curry lost to “Buddy” Alexander 5&4
Colin Montgomerie beat Billy Andrade 4&2
James McHenry beat Bill Loeffler 3&2
Graeme Shaw halved with James Sorenson
Jeremy Robinson beat Len Mattiace 1 hole
David Carrick lost to Bob Lewis Jr 3&2
Robert Eggo lost to Billy Mayfair 1 hole
Paul Girvan lost to Jay Sigel 6&5
GB&I 3.5 – USA 4.5

Match Result: GB&I 7.5 – USA 16.5

Series Results: USA 28 – GB&I 2 – Halved 1 (after Match 31)


Match Notes

Sunningdale was the first inland course to host the Walker Cup in GB&I, The R&A previously preferring links venues as it does with The Open. The invisible hand of prominent Sunningdale member Gerald Micklem no doubt contributed to this decision.

The 1987 match was the last in GB&I where spectators were allowed entry to the course free of charge.

Fred Ridley, still only 34, led the USA team. Whilst the warm, calm weather and pristine course no doubt helped the Americans to acclimatise in truth they were generally superior to their opponents in all playing departments.

Leading 12-4 after the Day 2 Foursomes USA had already retained the trophy even before a shot was played in the afternoon Singles.

The final 7.5- 16.5 result represented the heaviest defeat for GB&I since the format was changed to 18 hole games in 1963.

Trying to be positive and resistant to any change in the Walker Cup format Raymond Jacobs reporting on the match in the Glasgow Herald said; “There is no need, after one particularly devastating defeat to adopt the gloomy resonance of the Irish reporter’s verdict on a dismal performance by his country’s swimmers: “It was a miracle no one drowned.””.

Sadly this was the last Walker Cup match held in GB&I adjacent to the Amateur Championship. The 1987 Amateur was staged at Prestwick G.C. / Prestwick St. Nicholas G.C. between 1-6 June. All of the U.S.A. team travelled to Scotland to play in the Amateur as well as captain Fred Ridley and a number of past captains.

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