2003 – Ganton GC

GB&I 12.5 – 11.5 USA

September 6-7, 2003
Ganton Golf Club, Yorkshire, England
6,894 yards, Par 71

Captains: Garth McGimpsey (GB&I) and Bob Lewis (USA)

Day 1 Foursomes (GB&I players first)
Gary Wolstenholme / Michael Skelton lost to Bill Haas / Trip Kuehne 2&1
Stuart Wilson / David Inglis beat Lee Williams / George Zahringer 2 holes
Nigel Edwards / Stuart Manley beat Chris Nallen / Ryan Moore 3&2
Noel Fox / Colm Moriarty beat Adam Rubinson / Casey Wittenberg 4&2
GB&I 3 – USA 1

Day 1 Singles
Gary Wolstenholme lost to Bill Haas 1 hole
Oliver Wilson halved with Trip Kuehne
David Inglis lost to Brock Mackenzie 3&2
Sturat Wilson halved with Matt Hendrix
Nigel Edwards beat George Zahringer 3&2
Colm Moriarty lost to Chris Nallen 1 hole
Noel Fox lost to Adam Rubinson 3&2
Graham Gordon lost to Casey Wittenberg 5&4
GB&I 2 – USA 6

Day 1: GB&I 5 – USA 7

Day 2 Foursomes
Gary Wolstenholme / Oliver Wilson beat Bill Haas / Trip Kuehne 5&4
Noel Fox / Colm Moriarty lost to Brock Mackenzie / Matt Hendrix 6&5
Stuart Wilson / David Inglis halved with Casey Wittenberg / Adam Rubinson
Nigel Edwards / Stuart Manley halved with Lee Williams / George Zahringer
GB&I 2 – USA 2

Day 2 Singles
Oliver Wilson beat Bill Haas 1 hole
Gary Wolstenholme beat Casey Wittenberg 3&2
Michael Skelton beat Adam Rubinson 3&2
Colm Moriarty lost to Brock Mackenzie 3&1
Stuart Wilson lost to Matt Hendrix 5&4
David Inglis beat Ryan Moore 4&3
Nigel Edwards halved with Lee Williams
Stuart Manley beat Trip Kuehne 3&2
GB&I 5.5 – USA 2.5

Match Result: GB&I 12.5 – USA 11.5

Series Results: USA 31 – GB&I 7 – Halved 1 (after Match 39)

Ganton 2003 Commemorative Plate

Match Notes

This third consecutive win by GB&I was all the more impressive as the team contained none of the superstar amateurs that had featured in the previous two matches and because it required a stunning singles performance on the final afternoon.

Jack Doherty, the reigning Australian Amateur champion, and Richard Finch, the recent winner of the St. Andrews Links Trophy, were both considered unfortunate to miss out for GB&I.

2003 Walker Cup Player’s Badge (Photo: OldSportsAuction.com)

19 year old Michael Skelton’s selection perhaps had more to do with his Yorkshire origins than his performances but he contributed a very important point in the all-important Day 2 Singles.

In 2003 Bill Haas followed in the footsteps of his uncle Jerry and father Jay who played in the Walker Cup in 1985 and 1975 respectively.

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