1973 – Brookline

USA 14 – 10 GB&I

August 24-25, 1973
The Country Club, Brookline, Massachusetts
6,875 yards / Par 72

Captains: Jess Sweetser (USA) and David Marsh (GB&I)

Day 1 Foursomes (USA players first)
Marvin Giles III / Gary Koch halved with Michael King / Peter Hedges
Dick Siderowf / Mark Pfeil beat Hugh Stuart / John Davies 5&4
Danny Edwards / James Ellis beat Charles Green / Willie Milne 2&1
Martin West III / Doug Ballenger beat Rodney Foster / Trevor Homer 2&1
USA 3.5 – GB&I 0.5

Day 1 Singles
Marvin Giles III beat Hugh Stuart 5&4
Dick Siderowf beat Michael Bonallack 4&2
Gary Koch lost to John Davies 1 hole
Martin West III lost to Howard Clark 2&1
Danny Edwards beat Rodney Foster 2 holes
Michael Killian lost to Michael King 1 hole
Bill Rogers lost to Charles Green 1 hole
Mark Pfeil lost to Willie Milne 4&3
USA 3 – GB&I 5

Day 1: USA 6.5 – GB&I 5.5

Day 2 Foursomes
Marvin Giles III / Gary Koch beat Trevor Homer / Rodney Foster 7&5
Dick Siderowf / Mark Pfeil halved with Howard Clark / John Davies
Danny Edwards / James Ellis beat Peter Hedges / Michael King 2&1
Bill Rogers / Michael Killian beat Hugh Stuart / Willie Milne 1 hole
USA 3.5 – GB&I 0.5

Day 2 Singles
Marvin Giles III halved with Charles Green
Dick Siderowf lost to John Davies 3&2
Danny Edwards beat Trevor Homer 2&1
James Ellis lost to Hugh Stuart 5&4
Martin West III beat Michael King 2 holes
Mark Pfeil beat Howard Clark 1 hole
Michael Killian lost to Willie Milne 2&1
Gary Koch halved with Peter Hedges
USA 4 – GB&I 4 

Match Result: USA 14 – GB&I 10

Series Results: USA 21 – GB&I 2 – Halved 1 (after Match 24)


Match Notes

The Country Club in Brookline became the first U.S. venue to stage the Walker Cup for a second time, having first been used in 1932.

Michael Bonallack made his ninth and final appearance for GB&I although a bad back put paid to a final flourish on the course. He had participated in every Walker Cup since 1957.

GB&I team selection again raised questions with the absences of Harry Ashby (ENG), Ian Hutcheon (SCO) and Peter Moody (ENG) particularly notable.

Craig Stadler, first reserve for the USA team, went on to win the U.S. Amateur Championship at Inverness G.C. the following week.

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