1967 – Royal St. George’s

GB&I 7 – 13 USA

May 19-20, 1967
Royal St. George’s Golf Club, Sandwich, Kent, England
6,748 yards / Par 70

Captains: Joe Carr (GB&I) and Jess Sweetser (USA)

Day 1 Foursomes
Ronnie Shade / Peter Oosterhuis halved with Bob Murphy Jr / Ronald Cerrudo
Rodney Foster / Sandy Saddler lost to William Campbell / Jack Lewis Jr 1 hole
M. Bonallack / Michael Attenborough lost to Downing Gray Jr / Edgar Tutwiler 4&2
Joe Carr / Tom Craddock lost to Bob Dickson / James Grant 3&1
GB&I 0 – USA 3

Day 1 Singles
Ronnie Shade lost to William Campbell 2&1
Rodney Foster lost to Bob Murphy Jr 2&1
Michael Bonallack halved with Downing Gray Jr
Michael Attenborough lost to Ronald Cerrudo 4&3
Peter Oosterhuis lost to Bob Dickson 6&4
Tom Craddock lost to Jack Lewis Jr 2&1
Sandy Pirie halved with Donald Allen
Sandy Saddler beat Marty Fleckman 3&2
GB&I 1 – USA 5

Day 1: GB&I 1 – USA 8

Day 2 Foursomes
Michael Bonnallack / Tom Craddock beat Bob Murphy Jr / Ronald Cerrudo 2 holes
Sandy Saddler / Sandy Pirie lost to William Campbell / Jack Lewis Jr 1 hole
Ronnie Shade / Peter Oosterhuis beat Downing Gray Jr / Edgar Tutwiler 3&1
Rodney Foster / Dudley Millensted beat Donald Allen / Marty Fleckman 2&1
GB&I 3 – USA 1 

Day 2 Singles
Ronnie Shade lost to William Campbell 3&2
Michael Bonallack beat Bob Murphy Jr 4&2
Sandy Saddler beat Downing Gray Jr 3&2
Rodney Foster halved with Ronald Cerrudo
Sandy Pirie lost to Bob Dickson 4&3
Tom Craddock beat Jack Lewis Jnr 5&4
Peter Oosterhuis lost to James Grant III 1 hole
Dudley Millensted lost to Edgar Tutwiler 3&1
GB&I 3 – USA 4

Match Result: GB&I 7 – USA 13

Series Results: USA 19 – GB&I 1 – Halved 1 (after Match 21)


Match Notes

GB&I Captain Joe Carr, now 45, included himself in the opening foursomes series thus making a record setting tenth and final playing appearance.

Overcast and very windy conditions faced the teams in Kent. Whilst this theoretically should have favoured the home team the opposite proved to be true, the Americans taking an insurmountable lead on Day 1 and holding on to it in the face of some resistance on the following day.

Undefeated William Campbell (P4 W4), Bob Dickson (P3 W3) and James Grant III (P2 W2) were the stars of the show for USA.

Bob Dickson, who according to Raymond Jacobs in The Glasgow Herald was “by universal consent the most proficient player on either side”, would go on to win both the Amateur and U.S. Amateur Championships later that summer.

Sandy Saddler, making his final appearance in the match, led the British resistance winning both of his Singles. There was an irony to this as he was a late addition to the trials, only added when Peter Townsend turned pro. His overall singles record of P6 W3 H2 L1 remains one of the best in the history of the match.

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